The final destination of the railway route will be a new terminal in the Twin City Region Vienna-Bratislava. The exact location of the new logistics hub has not been defined yet but is being evaluated carefully from proposed options. A well thought through decision for the location will be made following comprehensive studies, which include tests for environmental friendliness.

All in all, the future logistics center will be a jobs-market motor as its construction should lead to a positive effect on the employment rate: direct and indirect employment would create an average of 21,000 new jobs. The establishment of other companies (e.g. freight companies) and, thus, more jobs are expected to be created after the terminal has begun operating. The operation of the trains would create an average of 8,100 jobs and further 3,100 jobs once the terminal starts operations and the remaining infrastructure has been put in place. This would mean the equivalent of 96,000 full-time jobs in 44 years of planning, construction work and operations. As a result of this, an overall additional GDP effect of 12.1 billion euros would be created and estimated tax income would rise by around 3.6 billion euros.

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