A New Dimension in Goods Transportation

The track gauge in most western European railway networks is 1435 mm, although it is 1520 mm wide in Russia and a number of Eastern European countries. The Russian gauge system currently stops in Košice in eastern Slovakia, close to the Ukrainian border. The continuous transport route from western China via Russia to Central Europe should be the cornerstone of a competitive rail transport system of the future.

The extension of the broad-gauge system will create a central logistics provider and a goods corridor with a length of 11,000 km that will reduce transportation times to 15 days using rail, compared to the 35 days required up to now for the transportation of goods by ship. The freight capacity of the track will be at least 16 million tons per year.

Extending the broad-gauge system will bring greater use of the broad-gauge corridors between Europe, Russia and Asia, as well as creating an attractive alternative to sea transportation. Furthermore, the Twin City Region Vienna-Bratislava, where numerous infrastructure and transport axes cross, is an ideal location for the system boundary between standard and broad gauge – and thus, for a logistics hub with thousands of employment opportunities as urgently needed in Europe.


From Vladivostok to Twin City Region

in 15 days


Reduction of

CO2 & NOX emissions


Target transport volume - at least

16 Million tons / year

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