Twin-City region becomes established as the hub between Europe and Asia

The world is growing together and becoming more interconnected. The Twin-City region Vienna-Bratislava, and thus the European railway network, will be connected to the Asian railway network. This gives the whole of Europe the opportunity to become a part of the transport network of the future. 

Countrie involved in the broad-gauge project can benefit not only from the flows of goods to the East and from the East, but also connect two of the world's most important economic regions: Europe and Asia, which will continue to grow strongly in the future. And all this in the most ecological way, namely by rail. The advantages for the Twin City region are clear: In Slovakia alone, 17,500 new jobs will be created during the construction phase. In Austria, 3,500 full-time jobs will be created around the distribution station. Conclusion: If you prepare for the future, you can shape it. 

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