Broad-gauge project | Results of the Feasibility Studies:

Alignment: An electrified single-track railway system with passing loops and crossing stations for freight transport only 

An efficient and environmentally-friendly logistics solution:
Full integration with the 1,520 mm railway network and connection to the network of 1,435 mm.

Transshipment areas and maintenance

  • Terminal in Western Slovakia (Nové Zámky region)
  • Rail-to-rail terminal in the Twin-City region Vienna-Bratislava (in Austria)
  • Maintenance depot (Eastern Slovakia, Haniska)

Construction works: 100 months

The generated employments lead to value added of
28.6 billion € in the four project countries.

Tax income in total: 9.6 billion €

Traffic forecasts:

2030: 18.2 million tonnes
2050: 22.9 million tonnes

The present results of all studies confirm the technical, legal and economic feasibility of the broad-gauge connection between Košice and the Twin-City region Vienna-Bratislava.


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