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The construction of the new railway between Košice and the Twin-City region Vienna-Bratislava will result in a high-performance rail system that will connect Europe and Asia. As an efficient and environmentally-friendly logistics solution, it will remove time delays and reduce CO2 emissions footprint.

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New Dimension in the Transportation of Goods

Target transport volume – at least

22.9 Million


Corridor with a length of

11,000 km

between Europe and Asia

From Vladivostok to Vienna

15 days

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Breitspur Planungsgesellschaft awarded with the "Triple-A Smart Sustainable Company Rating"

In an evaluation process, the project's contribution to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global Compact Principals was confirmed.

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BPG welcomes European Year of Rail

Transporting a TEU container from China to Vienna usually takes 35 days by sea and costs 30,000 euros. By rail it is twice as fast (14 days) and, at 5,000 euros per TEU, six times cheaper than by water. This is shown by studies conducted on behalf of Breitspur Planungsgesellschaft.

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Twin-City region becomes established as the hub between Europe and Asia

The world is growing together and becoming more interconnected. The Twin-City region Vienna-Bratislava, and thus the European railway network, will be connected to the Asian railway network. This gives the whole of Europe the opportunity to become a part of the transport network of the future. 

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