15th of November 2018:

Authority procedure underway for new railway line in Slovakia and Austria

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BPG - Breitspur Planungsgesellschaft

A Points Change for Growth and Jobs

Welcome to the official website of the Breitspur Planungsgesellschaft that informs you on the planned expansion of the broad-gauge railway corridor from Košice to the Twin City Region Vienna-Bratislava. Please check our website regularly for upcoming details.

The expansion of the broad-gauge track from Košice to the Twin City Region Vienna-Bratislava will result in a unified rail system that will link Eastern European and Asian markets directly with the European market and remove associated time delays, as well as giving a green light to the environmentally friendly transportation of the future.

The strategic course change enabling the extension of the broad-gauge track systems means that goods and raw materials can be transported using rail without delays, barriers or diversions, in addition to creating growth and jobs.

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